Advisors/ Senior Consultant

Name Qualification Areas of expertise
H. C. Gandhi
Ex-Secretary, GoI
B.Sc. (Engg.) Legal and policy studies. Construction & Supervision of Rural Roads/Bridges/ Culverts Evaluation and Appraisal of Rural Roads, Techno-economic Appraisal, Science and Technology, Satisfaction Survey
Brig. (Dr.) K S Bhatnagar (Retd.) MBBS Health issues specifically related to RCH, Nutrition, Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, RCH, legal and policy studies.
T. S. Krishnan
Ex-Director (Planning Commission)
M.Sc. (Statistics), LLB Management and planning. Rural development, Formulation of Research Techniques, Demand Analysis, Poverty Alleviation, Social & Economical Input
Dr. Kalavati B K MA, M.Ed., M.Phil, Ph. D (Education) Expertise in the area of research and evaluation particularly related to child rights, Education, women empowerment and nutrition
Dr. Santosh Parida M.A, M.Phil, PhD (Social Science) Migration, legal and policy studies. Tribal Development, Child right and Education, poverty alleviations
Wg.Cdr. C M Rai (Retd.) M.Sc. PGDHRM • Economic Development, Labour & Employment, Industrial Relations, Social & Economical Input of Education,